Cookies are small text files (pieces of data) that, when you visit the site, can be stored in the browser that you use to access the site and / or on the hard drive of your computer or device.

Cookies allow you to ensure the effective functioning of the functions of the site that you use, and can also remember your activity and your preferences, which ensures or facilitates your use of the site.

We use two types of cookies: internal and third-party.

Internal (primary) cookies.

These cookies ensure the full functioning and security of the site, and also allow you to make data entry and purchases. Such files contain, in particular, data on the filling of the user's basket, the selected type of payment and delivery, order number.

Without basic cookies, the site may be difficult or incorrect, some functions may not work properly, therefore, it is not recommended to disable them.

Internal cookies are temporary: they are created only for the duration of the session and are deleted immediately after you close your browser.

Third-Party Cookies.

We also use third-party cookies, such as social network analytics tools (namely: Facebook pixel, Vkontakte pixel and Google analytics), which help us collect data about the sources of access to the site. We also use them to evaluate site performance, study your actions on the site, compile analytics and conduct business research. Such files are plugins, the data collected with their help is sent to the analytics pages of the respective developers.

Third-party cookies are persistent and are stored for some time after closing the browser. The term of such storage is set and changed by their developers. Cookies may also be limited depending on the web server, domain or subdomain where they were created.

You can disable third-party cookies in your browser settings. Please note that with each new visit they will be reinstalled, so this action must be performed regularly if the browser settings do not allow otherwise.

Data Processing

Any personal data that we receive or potentially obtain through cookies is processed by us in accordance with our Policy regarding the processing of personal data . In addition, the data contained in third-party cookies is also processed by the respective developers in accordance with their privacy policies for the purpose of their analysis.

If you do not agree with the setting of cookies, you can change your browser settings by prohibiting or restricting the use of all or individual cookies.

If you haven’t done this, you are giving us your consent to the installation and storage of the relevant cookies, as well as to the processing of the data received with their help (including personal data if they are recognized as such in accordance with applicable law) in in accordance with our Policy regarding the processing of personal data, as well as the sending of such files to third-party cookie developers and the processing of their data in accordance with the policies of the respective developers. Links to the policies of developers we are currently working with can be found in the text Policies regarding the processing of personal data .

Manage and opt out of cookies

Most browsers let you choose whether you want to accept cookies. Different browsers provide different controls, so below we provide links to instructions from the most popular browsers on how you can do this.
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

If this or that browser does not have the settings you need, you can choose another browser that allows you to take all the necessary steps to configure the use of cookies.

Please note: as a rule, your browser offers you to accept, decline or delete all cookies, third-party cookies on the site or cookies from certain websites. At the same time, if you prohibit us from setting cookies, you can limit the full functionality of the site, which will make some of our services and functions inaccessible to you.

Policy Changes

This policy may change from time to time, so it should be checked regularly for the latest cookie information. We will notify you of any changes by updating this page.