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Blood circulation index

During the day, our blood pressure changes, and within a month, weight can change quite noticeably. The state of health and the state of the body as a whole depends on these indicators.

Agree, there is a difference in whether the heart serves a body weighing 60 kg or 90 kg? How to respond to the stress that has arisen when the pressure is already increased at the moment? Our blood circulation is organized very complexly, it reacts sensitively to the influence of regulatory systems, increasing and decreasing the tone of blood vessels, changing their lumen and even elasticity under the influence of signaling substances: neurotransmitters and hormones.

And we have the opportunity to clearly see the state of our circulatory system right now. This is done by the Engy Health service, which analyzes your heart rate and, using complex mathematical calculations, determines the body's readiness to adapt to internal and external changes. Moreover, you can constantly monitor this indicator. Unlike visiting the medical office, measurements with Engy Health can be done at any time and always monitor the condition, which, of course, in no way replaces the consultation of a specialist.

In Engy Health service, the indicator is called Blood Circulation Index . Its other name is adaptive potential. This is the term of Professor R.M. Baevsky, a cardiologist and researcher at the forefront of space cardiology and the use of heart rate variability analysis to prepare and monitor the health of astronauts before and during flights. The technique turned out to be so effective and useful that it spread to other areas of medicine, including sports and industrial.

Blood circulation index

This indicator reflects the current state of the circulatory system and its ability to adequately and quickly adapt to the arising loads. The tension of adaptive systems and a decrease in adaptive potential indicate that a person is on the border between health and disease. But at the same time, he has the opportunity to improve his well-being, you only need to identify factors that have a negative impact. With normal values ​​of the indicator, you can be confident in your body and that the heart and the entire circulatory system will easily and without loss cope with the stress that has arisen.

Move the cursor over the areas with different color values ​​and it will become clear to you which indicators are optimal and what you need to strive for.


The circulatory system is in optimal condition. She successfully copes with the effects of everyday stress. Internal reserves are sufficient.

2.6 - 3.1

Satisfactory condition of the circulatory system. This means that your body is coping with the effects of stress, but you have to strain. You are probably on the edge of the norm.

3.1 - 3.5

The body does not adapt well to the effects of stress factors - the risk of the onset or exacerbation of diseases increases.


You have critical indicators - we advise you to repeat the measurement to check its correctness, taking into account all the recommendations, and also check the correctness of the entered parameters (weight, pressure).

Health by design

The Blood circulation index is calculated taking into account such parameters as:

HR - heart rate

SBP - systolic blood pressure

DBP - diastolic blood pressure

Age - age, years

Weight - body weight, kg

Height - height, see

IMPORTANT: Please note that for correct analysis you should always check the correctness of the entered data. Especially weight and blood pressure. If you are measuring for another person using your account, it is advisable to return to the main profile page and change the growth parameters. Otherwise, the indicator will be calculated incorrectly. Inaccuracy will not affect other indicators.

Engy Blood Circulation Index Health

After taking a measurement, you will see graphs for entering your weight and blood pressure. Enter the data carefully, because the accuracy of the calculation will depend on it.

It is important, in parallel with the measurement of the heart rate, to enter the blood pressure figures that are relevant at the moment, and not your usual ones. And it's best to measure your weight at least a few times a week.

After calculating Engy Health will display a screen with the main indicators, including the blood circulation index . It is located in the lower right corner, expressed in numbers from 0 to 3.5+ and also has a color scale for your convenience.

By expanding the screen with a detailed description, you will see what this means for your body and what to do to fix a good state of the circulatory system or improve it in case of poor performance.

In the Engy Health service, all measurements are recorded in history and at any time you can view your results and, if necessary, consult with our physiologists if something remains unclear about the measurements or the state of health.

Your options

Thanks to daily measurements, you will always keep under control not only the basic indicators, but also your blood pressure. The Blood Circulation Index is sensitive to weight and pressure, therefore, dieting, gaining or losing weight, you will find your optimal number over time.

The more measurements (ideally in the morning and in the evening) you take and the more experiments with nutrition, sleep and rest and exercise regimes you carry out, the easier it will be for you to choose your own individual schedule in which your well-being remains stable and the circulatory system works in an adequate rhythm, without overloads.

By analyzing your heart rate and Stress , you will understand what kind of stress - emotional or physical - have a greater effect on blood pressure and will be able to control it without the use of medications (if your health condition and doctor's recommendations allow it).

Blood circulation index is an indicator that will help to monitor the well-being of elderly parents, and it will be easier for them to adjust the treatment plan together with the therapist.

Let's look at the case

  • You have begun to notice an increased background pressure.

The numbers are not critical, but the state of health is a little worse. The Blood circulation index indicates an overstrain of the adaptive systems. During the week, you decide to walk at a calm pace for about an hour every day. In the absence of other pathologies in the cardiovascular system, your indicator will become optimal in a week. Adequate physical activity and muscular work reduce blood pressure by 5 and sometimes 10 units. The change in pressure will immediately affect the indicator figures. The circulatory system will begin to function normally.

  • You have decided to stick to your diet.
Just not sure if they picked it up correctly. Within a week or two, you feel fatigue, rapid irritability, fatigue and a sharp decline in mood. By taking regular measurements, you will find that the chosen diet is stressful for your body. Blood pressure numbers went up, energy levels went down, stress indicators went up. The Blood Circulation Index indicates increased stress. This is a sure signal to reconsider the diet and eat differently - also scrupulously analyzing your well-being and observing your body with the help of Engy Health.


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