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SOTKA: 100-day workout + self-control bonus

Does it take longer to get to the gym through traffic jams than the class itself? Discover the alternative - a free online program from the founders of WorkOut subculture: city street fitness.

It is based on circular training in complexes of 3-4 exercises (pull-ups, squats, push-ups, lunges), which must be performed one after another without rest. Additionally, every day participants receive a block of information in the form of posts - answers to emerging questions.

About the method
Its authors have collected and systematized information from more than 1000 sources, from school textbooks to recent publications in foreign scientific journals. These data are submitted to the program participant in the form of a 100-day educational course. As a result, you can not only significantly improve the reflection in the mirror, but also gain basic knowledge of nutrition, self-development, fitness and workout.

Statistics as of 01.02.2020:
Program participants: 42314
Countries: 68
Cities: 1379
The base unit passed: 3913 people
Completed the entire program: 2827

Try it too! Go to the site , read the information and install the mobile app. However, before you start exercising, see your doctor and go through the examinations that he will prescribe. You need to get the most detailed information about the state of the body, primarily the cardiovascular system - is it ready for regular physical activity.

How to test yourself?
The optimal way to assess the state of the body is heart rate variability analysis . This technique is successfully used to prepare cosmonauts for flights. But due to the accuracy and efficiency of the method, HRV analysis is already used in industrial, military and sports medicine. The main news for us is the availability of diagnostics. It is not necessary to conduct an ECG in a medical facility. You can independently and as many times as you like to assess your health at home, in the gym, at work. Engy Health platform will help with this.

The benefits of diagnostics
Engy Health consists of a portable device called Engy Beat that reads your heart rate, and a mobile application that analyzes it using special algorithms. The measurement takes 5 minutes and does not require any special preparation. Using the Engy Health platform, you will be able to control your condition not by internal feelings, but visually in digital terms. You will understand whether it is worth taking a break, whether the body can still withstand the load, whether you have enough resources to recover. After the end of the measurement, you see your main indicators on the screen:

  • Stress demonstrates how well the body copes with stress and adapts to environmental conditions;
  • Energy shows how much resources the body can mobilize to overcome stress;
  • Pulse will indicate if there is a malfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • Balance reflects the ratio of your ability to mobilize under stress and recover from;
  • Load will tell you how effectively the body's protective functions are supported;
  • Blood circulation index shows where you are at the moment and what measures should be taken to improve performance.
Main point
Based on the measurement, Health Space or the Baevsky diagram * is calculated, a graphical reflection of your health. The "dot" on the diagram reflects the ratio of your internal reserves and the degree of tension of the body's regulatory systems, which is needed to overcome the current load. The ideal spot location is a green area or yellow at the end of an intense day. The transition to the orange zone indicates overstrain, depletion of resources, proximity to a breakdown.

All moves recorded
The service saves the results in the memory of your account, and at any time you can track your dynamics by analyzing the impact of physical activity, sleep and nutrition on your health. And if something remains unclear, then you can get the advice of a physiologist.

It is important to monitor your performance not only during the workout, but also in the future, since overloads are very risky. With the help of the recommendations that the mobile application issues after each check, you can adhere to the load that is optimal for your body, develop a healthy, ideal daily routine for you. Reach your goals without dangerously overexerting yourself! With Engy Health you will know when it is better to take a break and when you can "push" and conquer the peaks.
Train, increase your reserves, increase your capabilities and keep your life in check!


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