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How to monitor your health with Engy Health

How does Engy Health service allow you to assess stress, fatigue, readiness to go to workout at home on a daily basis, and also shows the state of the body as a whole on a graph? And just based on the analysis of heart rate variability.

Constant stress on the body does not pass without leaving a trace and gradually we have: headache, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, problems with concentration, depressed mood. We ignore these symptoms, attributing them to the usual manifestations of modern life and high rhythm. But all of these are characteristic signals of internal overstrain and exhaustion. So the body reports that its ability to adapt to stress is gradually decreasing, which means that our health is deteriorating. Often we hope that a short rest will help restore strength, and then again return to the same regime that is not suitable for us.

Health is not the absence of disease, but a state of the body when all its regulatory systems (parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system, humoral regulation and the central nervous system) function optimally. When they are in balance, allowing us to get the job done. In a state of failure of adaptation, the body becomes vulnerable, malfunctions of organs and systems begin, and the risk of disease increases. Disease can be avoided if you closely monitor the state of your regulatory systems and prevent adaptation breakdown! For this, the Engy Health service was created.

What is Engy Health ?

Engy Health is a mobile platform that measures and analyzes your heart rate using the Engy Beat device. All results are stored in history and are always available. It is important that the user can always ask a question and consult about the state of health with our physiologists. The main thing is to measure according to all rules .

How does it work?

Engy Health conducts a comprehensive and accurate analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) and provides the necessary information in the mobile application in the form of basic health indicators. The user sees on the screen not only his values ​​at the time of measurement, but also the scale of the norm, as well as recommendations that will help maintain the current state or change it for the better. And with Engy Health, measurements can be taken anywhere, at any time and an unlimited number of times.

What exactly does Engy calculate Health ?

The state of the body is most clearly demonstrated by Health space or Bayevsky diagram *, a graphic reflection of your health, degree voltage and functional reserves. Ideal is when your result is in a green rectangle. This means that the body's energy reserves are sufficient to adapt to stress factors and there is no cause for concern.

If the test reveals movement towards yellow, think about it: perhaps the external load is critical, and you need to make adjustments to the mode. The transition to the orange-red range is a warning that the likelihood of getting sick is high. In this case, you should be examined by a doctor.

Note: The diagram reflects the general condition of the body. This is the result of a complex analysis of a number of dynamic parameters, each of which reflects a “profile” picture typical of the current moment.

Here are the main ones:
1. Stress . The test results show how your body copes with physical and psychological stress at the time of measurement. You will receive an objective assessment and, if the indicators are outside the normal range, recommendations for returning to a healthy state. This will allow you to avoid energy-consuming situations and making irrational decisions, which you may later have to regret.

2. Energy or Total Power . A marker of your "fatigue", similar to a battery charge. If the charge is low (in the red zone), it is better to take care of yourself and not add additional stress to the body in the form of emotional or physical stress. This parameter will show how ready your body is to overcome a new task - what current reserve of reserves for adaptation it has at the moment. Such information is extremely important and helps to correctly plan activities for the near future.

3. Balance. We have two parts of the nervous system that work in parallel, but differ in the set of "options". The sympathetic section is responsible for the excitation of the body, its action can be compared with the function of the gas pedal - when acceleration is required: the work of the heart is accelerated, blood circulation is increased, the body receives more oxygen. The parasympathetic department, on the contrary, "inhibits" activity. It turns on when you need rest. Blood pressure decreases, blood vessels relax, heart rate slows down. Thus, a balance is achieved between energy consumption and energy storage. Ideally, these systems should always be in balance - no matter how the conditions of the external and internal environment change, this rarely happens. With age, the balance shifts towards energy expenditure. Using Engy Health, you will find out when your body is at its limit and when it is time to rest, and when it is still possible to take on the load and correct the imbalance "manually".

4. Pulse. The heart rate can be used to judge the health of the cardiovascular system. Her oppressed state annually claims more than 17 million lives - according to WHO statistics alone. At the same time, experts note that 80% of cases of the development of serious diseases can be prevented at an early stage. Prevention is of fundamental importance. By regularly checking your heart rate, you monitor the health of the cardiovascular system and, accordingly, prevent the development of acute conditions.

5. Load (PARS) . The body's protective functions are supported by its regulatory systems. If they work with overvoltage, this is a wake-up call - you become more vulnerable to the development of diseases. But the absence of tension is dangerous - this means that the body is no longer able to give a signal to the functional systems to intensify their work if necessary. With the help of Engy Health, you can assess the degree of tension of the body's regulatory systems and, following the recommendations, adjust the indicators.

6. Blood circulation index. In other words, this indicator reflects our functional reserves. That is, the adaptive and compensatory ability of the body's systems without disturbing homeostasis (that is, equilibrium) to increase the intensity of its activity under load is many times compared to the state of relative rest. We can say that functional reserves reflect the "reliability" of the body.

The results of all measurements are stored in the user profile, allowing you to analyze the data throughout the entire period of using the service. Т This dynamics is very useful when assessing health status in different modes.

  • For example, by comparing the morning and evening results of the current day, you will understand how the load and the events that occurred affected your condition.
  • By analyzing the evening indicators and the indicators of the next morning, it will be easier for you to understand how the body was able to recover overnight.
  • It is important that after each measurement, the system provides personalized recommendations. By following them, you can better adapt to constantly changing external conditions, which means that you will significantly improve your well-being and quality of life.

* Roman Markovich Baevsky - scientist, professor, doctor of medical sciences. and one of the founders of space cardiology, who for many years researched the work of the human body in space at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He created a diagram that reflects the ratio of the available internal reserves of the body with the degree of tension of its regulatory systems, which is necessary to overcome the current load. In other words, the diagram shows how much effort you, without knowing it, put in to overcome the stress load and how much energy you have. ** The method of HRV analysis has been used in the world for many years, but it has recently come to functional diagnostics. Previously, these examinations required special equipment and were used to assess the health of astronauts and other workers in hazardous occupations in order to track how well their bodies adapt to extreme external conditions. Another area of ​​application of HRV analysis was professional sports - the results of the study helped to predict the chances of athletes for success in competitions.


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