Feedback. How Engy Health helped me find out the ideal length of vacation

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Our colleague went on vacation to Bali with Engy Health and found out how many days it takes for the physiological recovery of the body after the stress of the capital and whether surfing really has a positive effect on health.

Who am I?

Andrey Podgornov. Chapter Engy Heath. 35 years. Head of several IT companies and start-ups that hold a leading position in the industry markets of Russia and the CIS. Prior to starting his own businesses, he worked as an IT consultant for business automation and building infrastructures in international corporations SAP, T-Systems and Accenture. 

My condition before Bali

I flew to the island in early January 2020. While on vacation, I was measured with the ultra-precise Engy Beat heart rate monitor every day, morning and evening for 5 minutes, exactly following the measurement rules. Subjectively, I was very tired, exhausted and tense. Since upon arrival in Bali I got into the zone of other time zones, the first days on the island were especially difficult. The measurements were disappointing.

For the “stress” value, the upper limit of the norm, beyond which a breakdown into illness is already possible, is 120. The indicator of 500 is 4 times higher. The body has no reserves for recovery; at its physiological level, it does not react to Bali.  

While on holiday in Bali

The first week was spent to sleep off. The “stress” indicator decreased, energy increased, “The balance of reserves and tension” came out of the minus to zero. My body began to gradually recover on its own. Then I added physical activity - hiking and surfing. Since I am an IT specialist, I wanted to deduce a clear correlation (in numbers) between my activities and my health indicators.

So, what, according to my observations, affected the body:

  • Sleep. He gradually became even and full, during the night I was able to start recovering even after serious physical activity the day before, which could be seen by the indicators of Engy Health. In Moscow, I often woke up already tired, with low energy levels, which made me less productive at work. 
  • Physical activity. I hooked up hiking and surfing. However, I noticed that a couple of hours of surfing or long exposure to the sun was draining my Engy Health scores. Energy could drop from 1000 to 400, and Stress increased significantly towards evening. It is the different physical activity during the day that explains the non-linear improvement in health charts. 
  • Nutrition. Healthy food without heavy carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables in general improved well-being and overall tone. Gradually, I lost the feeling of “eating and already tired”.

  • Main conclusions

  • Engy Health allowed me to answer the question of how many vacation days I need for physiological recovery. Of course, it often happens that psychologically you want to extend your vacation. However, Engy Health allows you not to confuse this feeling with a clear understanding that, based on objective data, you are physically recovered and ready to go.
  • Engy Health allowed me to adjust my lifestyle while relaxing. Understand which nutrition and physical activity optimally affect recovery, and which ones take energy

  • Physiologist's comment
    Natalia Krutikova, consultant physiologist at EngyHealth: “Everything is natural, the graphs clearly show how subtly the body responds to external influences and how the general state depends on the available reserve of strength. With Engy Health, it is very easy to take control of your health. You can track the influence of any factor: sleep, activity, nutrition, work. Our hero showed that with a lack of strength, it takes not a day or two to recover, that sleep actively helps in this, and long flights require a certain amount of health, so as not to fall into illness later.

    Назад в блог

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